== Ethan Yoo ==
Pronouns: he/him/his


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December 2020

What I’m reading

Schenwar, M., Macaré, J., & Price, A. Y. (Eds.). (2016). Who do you serve, who do you protect?: Police violence and resistance in the United States. Haymarket Books.

Simmons, A. S. (Ed.). (2019). Love WITH accountability: Digging up the roots of child sexual abuse. AK Press.

What I’m working on in my free time

My personal wiki – less often recently – which expands on the “Resources” page of this website

Where I’m at professionally

I started work at a public elementary school as a part-time general aide and substitute teacher.


The index.html (a website’s default starting page) until November 11, 2020. It included summaries of the four most recent posts, as well as the header and footer. The current index page has similar links, including a modified footer.

In previous months

November 2020

  • I wrote my first “personal” post on November 2, where I describe leaving Cloudflare and GitLab Pages.
  • I’m back to volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) as of November 4.
  • I joined Mastodon (@ethan@todon.eu) on November 5.
  • I posted the privacy and security policy for this website on November 8.
  • I wrote a new “Start” page on November 11; it’s now more of a landing page. There is an image of the old index page at the bottom of this post.
  • I added the “Now” page (what you’re currently reading) on November 11.
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